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We are a peer mentorship and networking community for the University of Waterloo

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What Are We About?

Our mission is to enrich the Waterloo network and engage the student community

Hive is a virtual community for the University of Waterloo

We want to help connect students at the university with peers and upper year mentors. We hope you'll meet people who have experienced the same sort of troubles that incoming students are encountering and can offer helpful guidance and advice. Our project aims to improve upon existing mentorship initiatives on campus, removing barriers so that students can foster a more enriching experience with the Waterloo community. The goal of the app is to help organically grow these relationships and to allow for longer lasting communication between students by facilitating consistent, in-person interaction.

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Core Features


Find peers who share your interests or can give insightful advice. Hive makes it easier to discover other students who have the experience to help you or who can grow with you.


Learn more about what the university has to offer and how to benefit from your network. We help you make the most out of your time and connections at Waterloo.


Attend exciting activities and have meaningful conversations with your peers. Explore different opportunities to meet up with awesome people.

Tell us who you are!

Everyone has a story, share yours

Your profile section gives others a first glance into your world. The more you give, the easier it'll be for others to relate to your experiences.

Share your favorite spot or activity in Waterloo, a hobby you're working on improving, or something you know way too much about!

Find awesome peers

Make new connections with people right here at Waterloo!

Discover other students that share the same interests or step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

They say the best way to learn something is through teaching. Share what you know and you might be surprised at what you pick up along the way.

Explore new interests and careers

Connect and create experiences

Collectively, the Waterloo student body has been through a lot. Take advantage of your time here and learn from people who have experienced it!

If you want to go far, go together. Regardless of how you meet, the bonds you make here will stay with you for life!

Hive is a peer mentorship and networking community for the University of Waterloo centered around in-person interactions.

Email us at uwhive@gmail.com

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